Break the law… you will pay


1. Operate snowmobile without valid registration $199

2. Fail to comply with regulatory signs $175.30

3. Operate snowmobile without valid safety certification or without carrying proof of completion $162.70

4. Operate snowmobile illegally on or in the vicinity of highways $200.50

5. Operate snowmobile on public or private property of another without consent $263.50

6. Operate snowmobile while under the influence of an intoxicant or controlled substance $641.50

7. Operate snowmobile with alcohol concentration at or above 0.008% $641.50

8. Operate snowmobile on snowmobile trail without a trail pass $200.50

9. Operate at unreasonable improper speed or in careless manner $200.50

10. Give permission to operate snowmobile without valid registration $199.00