Safety Tips

Stay On Marked Trails

Check Your Sled Before Each Ride

  • be sure throttle operates freely
  • check brakes
  • check oil, gas, antifreeze levels
  • check for icing on track and skis

Ride Right

Use Hand Signals

Ride Safe

Ride Defensively

  • watch out for the other guy who may not be in control

Ride Sober

  • alcohol and snowmobiling don’t mix

Beware Of Ice On Rivers And Lakes

Be Cautious When Entering Logging Areas On The Trail

  • logging equipment always has the right of way

Dress Appropriately

  • wear a helmet and wind resistant outer clothing
  • check the weather before you head out

Let Someone Know Where You Are Going And Carry A Map Of The Area

Be Courteous

  • slow down for approaching sleds
  • slow down when passing sleds stopped beside the trail
  • slow down for pedestrians and cross-country skiers who are using the trails

Carry Emergency Repair Equipment For Your Sled

  • operator’s manual
  • tool kit
  • spare drive belt
  • spark plugs
  • tow rope
  • starter rope
  • duct tape

Carry Personal Safety Equipment

  • first aid kit
  • maps
  • compass
  • space blanket
  • matches
  • pocket knife
  • flashlight
  • energy bars

Join A Club

  • your membership helps to build safer trails
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Use hand signals.

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Carry a map.

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Carry emergency equipment.

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